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Gregg Turkington's

Decker vs Dracula

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America's #1 hero Secret Agent Jack Decker (The Fantastic Four's Tim Heidecker) is back, teamed up with Special Agent Jonathan Kington (Ant Man's Gregg Turkington) as they take on their biggest and most dangerous assignment yet. Summoned to the White House by President Davidson (Joe Estevez), Decker learns that the world is under the threat of the notorious Dracula (Rebel Without a Cause's James Dean) and his plan to destroy the world with one press of a button. But it's not just Dracula that the team must deal with. His evil hencmen The Mummy, Frankenstein, and the Wolfman (Mark Proksch) make a truly terrifying trio. Hold on to the edge of your seats with this classic movie combining horror and intrigue. impossible.